Electric Transformer made in Thailand, Swiss quality

“ESTEL” a leading Dry‐type Transformer and Reactor manufacturer in Thailand, in collaboration with Wagner+Grimm AG (Switzerland)

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ESTEL Company Limited was established in 1987 to produce high quality Dry‐type Transformer and Reactor in Thailand. Through technical cooperation with Wagner+Grimm AG, a leading Swiss manufacturer of transformers and reactors since 1953, ESTEL is continually provided with state of the art technology and know‐how so we can best satisfy both local and international demands.

We can supply products which comply with any international quality standards such as IEC, UL, CSA, VDE, SEV, BS, CE, ANSI, as well as Thailand’s Industrial Standard (TIS). Furthermore, we have attained the prestigious ISO9001 certifications for our quality management system not only from the National Accreditation Council of Thailand (NAC) but also from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

For further information or any questions,

please contact: Tel: 02-985-2081-9  Ext. 200-219


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Transformers & Reactors
Product Range : Single phase and Three phases.
• Rated power : 01 VA ~ 3 MVA for Transformers
• Rated power : 1 VAR ~ 1 MVAR for Reactors

– Isolation Transformer                           – Auto Transformer
– Rectifier Transformer                            – K-Factor Transformer
– Phase Shifting Transformer               – Starting Transformer
– Hihg Leakage Transformer                 – Scot-t Transformer
– Instrument Transformer (CT or DT)   – Other Special Transformer

Harmonic Filter Reactor
– Detuned Filter Reactor  – Tuned Filter Reactor
– Line/Load Reactor            – Smoothing Reactor     
– Starting Reactor                – Discharge Reactor
– Phase Shifting Reactor   – Air Core Reactor

Other Products
– DC. Power Supply           – Low Power Losses Ballast     
– Electronic Ballast         – Demagnetizer


ฝ่ายขาย Tel: 02-985-2081-9  Ext. 200-219

Fax: 02-985-2310

E-mail: sales@estel.co.th


Estel Company Limited

79/5 Moo 2 Mahasawat Bangkruay Nonthaburi 11130 Thailand

Tel: + (662) – 985-2081 to 89 ext : 414

Fax: + (662) – 985-2310 to 89 ext : 418

E-mail: marketing@estel.co.th



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